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Masaki Aio

All songs written, arranged, performed, mixed, mastered and produced.



かつての巨大な産業だったロック・ミュージックを個人の表現手段としてビジネスから解放し、所属事務所、レーベル、バンド、ライブ、メディアに依存しない新たな音楽の在り方で、 エンターテインメント産業とは明確な一線を引いた活動を展開する。


I am a maverick of the indie rock musician and a total self-producer who all songs written, arranged, performed, mixed mastered and produced.
My music doesn't belong to show business, presents new policy of music independent of labels, bands, concerts and media.
I control all these processes, pursue composing music as means of expression.

Art is a human life with settled convictions, stick to something up to the moment of death.
My music stands aloof from commercial purpose, just I infuse my philosophy and sell the piece of my life it.
I challenge myself to the beginning of new culture in an independent rock artist.

— Masaki Aio