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Masaki Aio

All songs written, arranged, performed, mixed, mastered and produced.

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2nd Album

Keep To Your Philosophy

1.Ruined Eagle 3:18
2.Utter Shooter 4:24
3.Anybody Can Be One 3:17
4.Remember 4:05
5.Spiral Monument 3:35
6.Marine 4:15
7.Magic Flour 4:38
8.Trickster 6:01
9.Bad Species 3:10
10.Dr. L 4:21
11.Soultree 5:53
12.Little Bella 5:00
★マスタリング:竹内一弘 [Whereabouts Records Mastering]
★2016年10月10日発売 ¥1,200(税抜¥1,111)